Welcome to Psych Healing

There are times in the life of every individual, couple, or family when we need a helping hand to get unstuck or find a new path. I can offer a helping hand.

Often we draw on our own strength or the support of our family and friends to overcome life's hurdles. And sometimes we isolate ourselves, trying to problem-solve or withdraw from our problems. However, there may be times when we need the assistance of an objective and empathetic person to help us through our journeys in life.

In a society that promotes independence, seeking help may feel like a weakness. However, the ability to recognize when challenges have surpassed our resources is a virtue; and the willingness to seek an outside perspective is a courageous act!

Whether you need to finally come to grips with the effects of sexual abuse or trauma on your life, or if you need more general help with your relationships with your self or others, please consider that there is assistance for the asking.