For those of you who would prefer a Christian therapist, I am credentialed by the American Association of Christian Counselors (AACC) and New Life Ministries. I have also worked for four years at the Christian Counseling Center (CCC) in San Jose. Having been a practicing Christian for over 30 years, I work with pastors of churches and their spouses, as well as many Christians, in a focused way to access and apply Scriptural beliefs and truths, and incorporate the power of prayer. God and prayer are an integral part of our sessions.

Although a Christian by faith choice, over half the people I work with are not Christian. They realize I am non-judgmental and very open to spiritual seeking. I believe we are all composed of mind-body-spirit, and that these parts of us work best when in balance. If religion is keeping you from discovering your spiritual self, perhaps there is another way to explore this. Exploring spirituality as it impacts each of our lives often turns out to be significant work in itself.